Your Safety Is Our Priority.

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Here at Maincube Buses, we have a dedicated team to ensure your safety.

All our Vehicles are fully insured and and have Passenger Liability Insurance for each passenger we transport.

Our buses go through rigorous safety tests and never leave our depot before their permits have been checked and safety procedures have been done by our Dedicated and Friendly Drivers.

Our drivers have successfully completed their Stage 1 and 2 First Aid Courses as well as Firefighter Courses!

Maincube Buses have been carrying Happy Customers safely for more than 25 years with Accident Free Record. All the glory to our Lord!

Every driver in our company has an active PDP Driver’s Permit legally ensuring your safe ride. Furthermore, each of our buses are fitted with Reverse Buzzers, Fire Extinguishers and Safety Belts

Helpful Hints On Choosing The Right Service Provider.

  • Use a company with the necessary expertise and be sure the company you choose meets all the requirements and safety needs. maincube – Our company has a 25 year experience in bus hire and shuttle service.

  • Make sure the company you choose has adequate passenger liability insurance. Maincube – We have passenger liability cover of 1 million rand per passenger and comprehensive insurance.

  • By law not all buses are required to have safety belts. Maincube – All our vehicles are fitted with safety belts for passenger safety.

  • By law all passenger buses must have a valid licence an operators disc and road transport permit. Maincube – All our buses have valid licence’s, operating discs and road transport permit. – All our buses undergo a COF (Certificate Of Fitness) every 6 months at a registered road worthy centre.

  • By law all drivers conveying passengers must be in possession of a valid drivers license and PrDP (Professional Drivers Permit) Maincube – All our drivers have valid licenses and PrDP’s copies and proof is kept at head office and available at any time

Your Safety Is Our Priority.

  • Make sure to submit your transportation requests timely and in writing. Make sure you address your specific needs.

  • Supervision on all hired coaches is required. The bus driver cannot enforce discipline on the bus!

  • Supervising staff must ensure that all passengers are seated while the bus is in transit.

  • No body parts may be put out through the windows.

  • Nothing may be thrown out through the windows.

  • If possible avoid traveling during the night.

  • No loud shouts or screams. This could effect the bus drivers concentration.

  • Ensure that the buses are not overloaded.

  • The driver is not allowed to use a cell phone while driving.

  • Regulation 231 makes provision that more smaller children can be transported: (b) “… two children of three years or older, but under six years, count as one person; and (c) … three children of six years or older, but under 13 years, count as two people.”

  • This increased number makes supervision and management more difficult.

  • If possible avoid traveling during the night.

  • The driver must at all times, obey all traffic rules.

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