Maintenance & Cleaning


Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance is of utmost importance to us here at Maincube Buses.

The safety of our passengers is Our Number One Priority!

Maintenance is ongoing 24 hours per day and is done by Professional Qualified Technicians whilst overseen personally by Owner Raymond Grundling who is qualified in his Mechanical Field with over 20 Years Experience.

Each bus has a full Mechanical and Safety Inspection before leaving our bus depot…ensuring Your Absolute Best Safety.


Here at Grundling Buses, we believe that each of our Passengers deserve a Clean, Comfortable Trip.

We have an Excellent Team of Trained Cleaning Personnel, working 3 scheduled shifts, ensuring each bus returning from their previous trip are Expertly Deep Cleaned – whether it is 1pm or 3am – ensuring a Clean Ride for All Our Customers.

The Cleaning of Maincube Buses are outsourced to a Private Cleaning Company and is overseen daily by the owner and Head of Cleaning, Mr. Talent Ngwenya.

Monthly awards are also implemented to our Loyal Cleaners as motivation!

As we like to say… Happy Workers…Clean Buses and Happy Customers!!!

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